ANPR Lumo Provides Reliable Vehicle Recognition at Seaford College




Seaford College, a renowned independent school nestled in the picturesque landscapes of West Sussex, provides an exceptional educational experience for students aged 5 to 18 years. 


The college had ANPR cameras integrated to the existing access control system connected to the gate automation on two entrances at the college. The access control software checks the database to establish if a number plate is valid for entry to the school grounds.
The system's performance was marred by ANPR cameras failing to consistently capture number plates. This inconvenienced authorised drivers attempting to access the school premises. 


In pursuit of an effective remedy, Seaford College turned to Safeguard Systems Ltd, a trusted security solutions provider. Identifying Nortech's ANPR Lumo advanced ANPR solution, the college collaborated with Safeguard Systems Ltd to seamlessly integrate the new cameras into the existing infrastructure. This approach minimised disruption while significantly enhancing the system's capabilities.


  • Captures number plates from 2 - 10 metres
  • Vehicle access control without the need for vehicle tags
  • Easily integrates with most Access Control Systems
  • Improved flow of traffic whilst maintaining site security


"Our client is pleased with the solution we have put in place and the quality of the equipment used. It has solved the problem and inconvenience of missing number plates."

Chris Clifton - Operation Manager

Safeguard Systems

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