May 25, 2018



People and Vehicle Access control system specialists Nortech have designed a range of enhanced vehicle detectors that can be set up using a smartphone app and can identify the presence of vehicles through an inductive loop buried beneath a road.

The latest range of easy-to-install vehicle detectors not only come with many new features to improve performance and reliability, but are backed up with a compact diagnostic unit that links to a smartphone app to enable quick and easy detector setup and comprehensive loop fault analysis.

7 series

The 7-series range of Nortech detectors is stable and robust and is designed to function whether exposed to extremes of temperature or dusty environments. They are easy to install and perform year after year and reduce the need for manual intervention due to its automatic frequency selection and an anti-locking feature.

The enhanced single and dual channel detectors, which make up the 7-series, are CE tested and approved and come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and with a number of benefits and key features. The compact DU700 diagnostic unit simply clicks into place on the front of a 7-series detector and collects diagnostic data and sends it via a Bluetooth link to the diagnostic app running on a smart device.

DU700 - 7 series diagnostic appThe use of automatic frequency selection allows a 7-series detector to automatically select the best frequency setting to minimise noise and maximise signal strength, avoiding the need to experiment with frequency settings. This saves costs through reduced installation time and increased reliability. A built-in anti-locking feature ensures the quick recovery between each vehicle to prevent the detector becoming stuck in the detect stage, which helps to avoid the need to call an engineer to carry out a manual reset.

A key benefit of the 7-series range is its fast recovery time between one vehicle and the next. The recovery is the time taken by the detector to reset after detection and being ready for the next approaching vehicle. Nortech detectors have a shorter recovery time compared to similar products, which enables them to respond quicker to reduce the possibility of tailgating, loss of revenue and increase the level of security.

The inclusion of a power fail feature ensures that in the event of an interruption in the power supply, the detector will return to the detect/undetected state it was in prior to the power cut. If a vehicle was on the loop during the power failure, it will remain detected when power is restored. The detector will continue to sample inductance change and verify whether the vehicle is still present. This reduces the risk of damage or injury through erroneous operation and is very cost-effective.

The simple front panel switch operation allows users to control the automatic frequency select, automatic sensitivity boost, individual loop sensitivity adjustment (4 levels), A-B logic (PD270), normally open/normally closed output relay contact, individually selectable pulse or presence relay operation and permanent presence option. Its user-friendly design means that installation time is reduced and permits greater flexibility for each application whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

nortech 7 series mobile diagnostic app

The DU700 is a hands-free low energy Bluetooth diagnostic unit that is compatible with the 7-Series parking detectors and provides installation/service personnel with feedback from the detector loop installation and the detector configuration setup. The DU700 attaches to the front of any of the 7-Series parking detectors and acquires data from the detector via an optic link.

The Nortech DU Diagnostics App supplied free for iOS or Android based smart devices is used to communicate with the DU700 and display the acquired data.

DU700 7 series

Data acquired from the detector is sent via the Bluetooth link to the app running on the smart device, which then displays information such as: loop excitation frequency, loop frequency drift, minimum and maximum level detection, and detector DIP switch configuration. The app is also able to generate a report that can be used to formally sign off a site or be sent for expert analysis where a fault is suspected.

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DU700 7 series - You Tube demo