Parking solutions with uPASS Reach

August 11, 2019


People and vehicle access control specialist Nortech offers a number of products within the Nedap product range that use vehicle tagging to identify individual vehicles while they are moving through a security monitoring point.uPASS reach and tags

uPASS Reach reader, which offers long-range vehicle identification up to 5 metres using the latest UHF technology. 

With consistent reading up to 5 metres and adjustable onsite reading as just two of the benefits of the system, the uPASS Reach has an elegant slim design, LED and audible read indication and is encased in weatherproof housing. It also operates with passive UHF tags, self-adhesive windscreen tags and hand-held tags with dual-technology options.

uPASS Reach image

When the uPASS Reach reader is installed (maximum height two metres) next to an automatic gate or barrier, long-range passive UHF tags are identified at a distance of up to 5 metres as soon as they are visible in direct line of sight of the reader.

The reader output allows the access control system to open the gate/barrier when an authorised vehicle arrives without the need for the driver to present a card or badge, and the built-in high intensity LED provides the user visual feedback that the tag has been read. UHF tags are also both battery and maintenance-free.


UHF windscreen tag


To work alongside the uPASS Reach, Nedap has designed four different UHF tags to suit all environments. The UHF Windshield Tag is a passive UHF transponder and offers long range identification up to 5 metres when installed inside non metallised windscreens. This provides cost-effective long range vehicle identification for access control applications and is available as a standard peel off version or as a tamper-proof version for additional security.



uPASS UHF exterior tag


Where vehicle windscreens are fully metallised, Nedap offers a passive UHF Exterior Tag which can be easily fitted onto non-metallic / plastic parts of the vehicle such as the headlights. For added security, the UHF Exterior Tag is a tamper resistant, transparent, adhesive tag.  It will show visual proof of removal and is extremely difficult to remove intact and functional. The chip inside is also protected against harmful UV rays.



The Nedap UHF Heavy Duty tag is a passive UHF transponder which again offers long-range identification up to 5 metres with the uPASS Reach. However, this tag features a rugged design for long term use in outdoor and industrial environments. The UHF Heavy Duty Tag is a cost-effective solution for installations where the tag needs to be mounted onto the exterior of the vehicle and can also be cable tied or bolted onto bicycles, forklifts and many other industrial devices.


UHF ISO Combi card



Finally, the UHF ISO Combi Card is a card featured with long range UHF tag and proximity or smartcard technology. Used for both people and vehicle access, it enables the use of one card for both vehicle and building access applications. Available with a range of formats such as Mifare, Legic and HID.

Further information is available from Nortech on 01633 485533 or by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at


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