Simone Young Rejoins Nortech Control Systems as Office Manager

October 17, 2023

Simone Young

We are thrilled to announce that Simone Young is rejoining the Nortech Control Systems team in the pivotal role of Office Manager. This announcement marks a reunion, as many of our long-standing customers will remember Simone from over five years ago when she managed both HR and accounts.

Since departing from Nortech, Simone has further honed her expertise in the finance sector. She worked for a leading accountancy firm, where she continued to excel in accounts and finance roles. Her years of experience and in-depth knowledge in these areas make her a perfect fit for her new role at Nortech.

In her capacity as Office Manager, Simone will be wearing multiple hats. Not only will she be overseeing HR matters, but she will also take the reins in managing our accounts. Furthermore, Simone will be the go-to person for our valued customers, assisting them with sales order processing and handling credit applications. Her comprehensive role underscores the trust and confidence we place in her abilities and her dedication to ensuring smooth operational functions at Nortech.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome back to Simone Young. We have no doubt that her contributions will be invaluable, and we look forward to the positive impact she will bring to our team. Here’s to a successful journey ahead, Simone!