Smartphone for Vehicle Detector Setup / Loop Fault Analysis

May 12, 2017

Nortech's new enhanced vehicle detectors which were launched at Parkex 17 can be set up using a Smartphone app.

 Nortech DU700-7 series

The latest range of easy-to-install vehicle detectors not only come with many new features to improve performance and reliability, but are backed up with a compact diagnostic unit that links to a Smartphone app to enable quick and easy detector setup and comprehensive loop fault analysis.


Installation engineers no longer need to get on their hands and knees and strain to see a tiny display while reaching for switches and buttons on the detector.


The new 7-series detectors from Nortech have a range of features that increase reliability and reduce the need for manual intervention, including automatic frequency selection and an anti-locking feature.


The compact DU700 diagnostic unit simply clicks into place on the front of a 7-series detector. It collects diagnostic data from the detector and sends it via a Bluetooth link to the diagnostic App running on a smart device. As well as providing vital feedback on the state of the installation, the app can generate a full report that can be used to formally sign off a site or be sent for expert analysis where a fault is suspected.