What is ANPR Lumo for vehicle identification?

September 19, 2019

People and vehicle access control specialist Nortech is now offering Nedap’s ANPR Lumo, ideal for vehicle identification.  This is an advanced all-in-one licence plate camera with built-in access control software for automatic vehicle identification.

ANPR LUMO in bollard

The ANPR Lumo is an all-in-one licence plate camera, including embedded software, analyser and IR illuminator. With a range of action of 2 to 10 metres, the advanced camera ensures a smooth recognition of vehicles.

Typical applications include vehicle access control, automatic toll collection, free flow applications at parking facilities or other situations in which it not desirable to issue RFID tags. If vehicles need to be granted access temporarily or incidentally, the licence plate camera is the perfect solution.


Nedap LUMO

Features include:

  • Standalone solution - The ANPR Lumo offers built-in vehicle access control features. The option to configure time-based access control lists (white list, black list, ignore list, etc.) in the web based software enables the camera to be used as a standalone solution.
  • High accuracy – The deep learning algorithms enable high accuracy with common license plate formats, like Europe and regions with non-standardised license plate formats, such as the USA and Pacific. In addition, the ANPR Lumo is able to recognise ADR Hazard Identification Numbers (HIN), also known as Kemler Codes, which are used for the road transport of dangerous goods.
  • Libraries - The ANPR Lumo covers a broad list of countries supporting a large range of IR-reflective license plates.
  • User-friendly configuration - The web based software enables easy configuration of the ANPR Lumo. It allows for configuration of the output messages for RS485, Wiegand or Ethernet. In addition, digital I/O, region of interest and network settings can be defined.
  • REST interface - The ANPR Lumo is equipped with a REST API that allows third parties to easily integrate the camera. The REST interface enables third party systems to request the last read licence plate and add licence plates to the white list.
  • Easy installation - A mounting bracket is included as standard with the ANPR Lumo to ensure easy installation. With this bracket, the licence plate camera can be mounted onto a wall or pole and allows the camera to be adjusted to ensure reliable reading.
  • Communication interfaces - The ANPR Lumo supports the industry-standard communication interfaces: RS485, Wiegand and Ethernet. This enables seamless integration into any existing or new access control or parking system.
  • Wiegand interface - Most access control panels support Wiegand. The ANPR Lumo converts licence plate numbers into Wiegand ID strings and the built-in Wiegand option ensures easy and seamless integration into any new or existing access control panel.

Visit to view the demonstration video offering more information on the ANPR Lumo for vehicle identification 

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