DeltaQuest With PSU in Plastic Enclosure

DeltaQuest With PSU in Plastic Enclosure

'Versatility to support access control and membership applications'

The DQ-S2-PH DeltaQuest Universal OEM 2-Door Access Controller is supplied in an attractive housing with integral 12V DC, 3A power supply and intelligent fuse panel. It provides I/O support for PC-based access control or membership software that needs to manage access points. Up to 32 access points that use ID devices such as card readers and keypads can be supported via a single USB port or a TCP/IP network connection.

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Product Features & Benefits

Each reader control module is provided in an attractive wall mount cabinet and can manage up to two ID devices and operate their associated barriers or turnstiles via robust output relays.

Each DeltaQuest module collects ID data from the attached card readers or keypads and sends it together with the identity of the reader/keypad to the third-party software via the master module. If the software identifies that the ID data is valid, it is able to permit access to the user through the barrier or turnstile by sending a simple command to the corresponding DeltaQuest module via the master.

The DeltaQuest is ideal for use in the leisure industry when combined with third-party membership software.

The DeltaQuest is compatible with all Nortech’s reader technologies and can support many third-party readers and keypads.


  • Supports most reader technologies and output formats
  • Up to 32 access points can be managed via a single USB port or TCP/IP network connection on the PC
  • Supports PINs of up to 15 digits from a connected keypad
  • Simplifies software development by using a simple command structure
  • Simple, cost-effective installation with no local settings such as DIP switches or jumpers required
  • Fully configurable via user-friendly software
  • Compatible with several third-party database/membership management systems
  • Each reader interface supports Free Exit and an auxiliary output to control card capture, DVR, etc.
  • Supplied in attractive housing with integral 12V DC, 3A power supply
  • Intelligent fuse panel provides managed 12V DC power to access devices with power supply monitoring




Supply Voltage:  90 to 264VAC 
Frequency Range: 47 to 63Hz
Max. Current draw: 1.6A/115VAC 1A/230VAC
Reader supply: 12V DC or 5V DC (200 mA max. @ 12V)


Dimensions (mm):  312 x 312 x 100 (H x W x D)
Cable Termination: USB: Mini USB type-B socket
TCP/IP: RJ45 socket
Other: Plug-in terminal blocks
Output relays: Voltage free changeover relay per reader, rated at 2A @ 30V DC. Variable output times driven by software
Request to Exit:  Ground activated input per reader, configurable operation time from 0.5 to 10 seconds
Auxiliary Outputs:  Open-collector output per reader 

Cabling Requirements

PC connection:  USB: USB 2.0 A plug to Mini type-B plug lead, or TCP/IP - follow standard data networking recommendations 
Master/Slave RS485:  Cabling Belden 9729 or equivalent (1200m max) 
Reader Cabling:  Belden 9536 or equivalent (25m max for RS232 reader, 100m max for C&D or Wiegand reader) 


Operating temp.:  0°C to 50°C 
Storage temp.:  -20°C to 70°C 
Relative humidity:  95% non-condensing