Nanoquest Compact Door Controller

Nanoquest Compact Door Controller

'Small but Powerful'

Secure, single door self-contained access control system. A compact one-piece proximity card reader/access controller combination that supports up to 500 users.

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Product Features & Benefits

In addition to access control, the NanoQuest can provide a secure method of controlling other devices such as intruder alarm panels, lights and heating.

The unit can also output card data in RS232 format when in 'NanoQuest' mode, and in both RS232 and 26-bit Wiegand format when in 'Reader' mode so that it can be used as a standard card reader as part of a future migration to a larger system.

User cards can be supplied as packs with shadow cards and batch enrolment cards. Programming is achieved through the use of a Master card, precluding the need for a host PC or controller.

Guaranteed for 5 years against defects and workmanship, the NanoQuest is a reliable and cost-effective product.


  • Compact and easy to install, saving time and space
  • Up to 500 unique users
  • Simple single and batch card enrolment
  • Provides a secure means of controlling auxiliary devices such as intruder alarms
  • Door monitoring and alarm output provide additional security
  • Can convert to a simple card reader for cost-effective upgrading to a full system



Supply Voltage: 9V DC to 16V DC
Current Requirement: < 70 mA


Dimensions (mm): 111 x 49 x 19 (H x W x D)
Colour: Standard = charcoal grey
Material:  ABS polycarbonate
Rating: IP65 - suitable for outdoor and indoor use


Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C Ambient


Strike Relay: Change-over contacts rated at 1A at 30V DC. Programmable strike time 0.5 to 10 seconds or latching
Auxiliary Output: Open-collector output for external alarm (latch or pulse options)
Alarm: Open-collector output for external alarm (latch or pulse options)
Wiegand Data: 26-bit Wiegand data for use with external controller
Serial Data: RS232 (10 digits plus CR) for output to external system


Free Exit: Clean contact, ground to activate
Auxiliary/Arming: Clean contact, ground to disable, open contact to enable
Door Monitor: Clean contact, ground to indicate door closed (if activated)

card types

Master Card: Used for Configuration and adding/removing User cards
User Card: Used to gain access to restricted area
Auxiliary Card: Used to gain access to restricted area and to activate auxiliary devices
Batch Card: Used to quickly enrole a batch of cards


Pigtail Cable Length: 500mm as standard - 3m option available on request
Conductors: 15


Reading Range: Up to 80mm depending upon the type of card or token
Buzzer: On/Off selectable
Indicators: Tri-colour LEDs