3-Series Dual Channel Vehicle Detector

3-Series Dual Channel Vehicle Detector

'Compact, Flexible and Reliable'

One of the most critical components of the whole vehicle access control system

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Product Features & Benefits

Dual channel loop detectors are used to identify the presence of vehicles by means of two independent inductive loops buried under the road and can be used in almost any application.

Detectors are available in both boxed and PCB format.

Dual channel detectors also can be used as an alternative to two single channel detectors to eliminate any presence of crosstalk.

In addition, they feature A-B logic to detect the direction of vehicles crossing the loops.

All detectors are CE tested and approved. A compact detector diagnostic unit is available for extracting data from new and existing sites.


  • Compact size
  • Flexibility – User selectable functions
  • Diagnostic capabilities (when used with a DU100) 
  • Selectable permanent presence (to eliminate premature barrier/gate closure)
  • Loop isolation protection
  • Loop frequency indication (to eliminate interference with adjacent loops)
  • Automatic sensitivity boost (ASB) – for reliable detection of high-bed vehicles (e.g. lorries)
  • A-B Logic – for different outputs depending on the vehicle direction
  • Visual fault monitor



Self-tuning range: 20-1000μH
Sensitivity: 4-step selectable per channel:

High: 0.02% Δ L/L

Medium High: 0.05% Δ L/L

Medium Low: 0.1% Δ L/L

Low: 0.5% Δ L/L
Frequency: 4-step adjustable, 20-70kHz (frequency determined by loop geometry)
Output configuration: 1 output relays per channel (fail-safe)

Fail secure (factory option)
Pulse output duration: Approx. 150ms  (factory option 250ms)
Presence time: Selectable: limited or permanent

Limited: presence 1 hour for 3% Δ L/L
Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection
Power requirements: 120V AC +/- 15% 48-60Hz (PD231)

230V AC +/- 15% 48-60Hz (PD232)

12-24V AC/DC +/- 15% (PD234)
Requirement: 1.5VA max @ 230V
Output relays: 5A @ 230V AC; N/O contact per channel (fail-safe)
Operating temp range: -40 °C to +80 °C

(circuit sealed against condensation)
Material: High heat ABS blend
Dimensions (mm): 76 x 40 x 78
Mounting: Shelf or DIN rail socket
Connector: Single rear-mount 11-pin submagnal

Option: 1 metre flying lead


As PD230 except for:

Self-tuning range: 20-1500μH
Pulse output duration: Approx. 150ms
Presence time: 1 hour for 3% Δ L/L permanent presence option
Power requirements: 24V AC/DC +/- 15%
Requirement: 1.1VA max @ 24V DC
Output relay: 1A @ 230V AC; change-over contacts
Dimensions (mm): 105 x 68
Mounting: Panel or plug-in
Connector: Molex 14-pin female
Option: Flying lead