FeeMaster Smart Entry Station

FeeMaster Smart Entry Station

'Controlled entry - take ticket or present smart card'

Designed to be used as a means of recording the date and time that a vehicle enters a car park

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Product Features & Benefits

The FeeMaster entry station is designed to be used as a means of recording the date and time that a vehicle enters a car park.

Located at the entrance of the car park, it issues tickets to visitors as they arrive. Each ticket is printed with a barcode containing a serial number and the date and time at which the ticket is issued. The action of taking the ticket triggers an ‘open’ signal to the entry barrier.

The ticket will normally be required to be taken to an attendant’s station/reception desk where the arrival date and time will be used in conjunction with the FeeMaster Smart Attendant’s Console. The console can then issue Mifare access control cards and if necessary barcode exit tokens and customers receipts.

The entry ticket can also be used as a means of allowing exit from the car park if presented to the exit station within the preset grace period. This enables such facilities as charge free ‘drop-offs’ (hotels conference centres etc.) as well as charge-free exit where no parking space can be found.


A smart card reader can be included to enable staff and long term visitors to enter without requesting a ticket.


  • Ticket printed with barcode and/or text
  • Data includes an individual serial number and date/time of arrival
  • Optionally prints a company logo on the ticket
  • Protected against abuse and fraudulent operation
  • Robust and efficient ticket dispensing mechanism
  • Ensures that visitors take tickets with the correct entry time and date
  • Optional intercom Connection for remote monitoring of "low paper" alarm
  • Integral loop detector ensures that tickets are only dispensed when a vehicle is present
  • Easy paper reloading and maintenance



Supply voltage: 240V AC (low voltage mains adaptors included)


Housing: Painted steel pedestal with side access panel.
Standard Fittings: Ticket issuer mechanism, ticket issuer controller, power adaptors, card reader, heater, and loop detector.
Optional Fittings: Aiphone compatible intercom slave unit, mounting brackets for Telguard GSM intercom.
Overall Dimensions (mm): 1200 x 360 x 275 (H x D x W)


Arming Loop: Standard vehicle detection road loop


Open Signal: Voltage free relay contacts (30V DC, 2A)
Low Paper Alarm: Voltage free relay contacts (30V DC, 2A)

Ticket Data

Barcode (optional): Includes site code, issuing station ID, serial number, time & date of issue, grace period and optional check digits.
Logo (optional): Customers logo as a bit map
Text (optional): Date & Time, User information (typically “Present this ticket at reception”)

Issuer Head

Print Speed: Maximum 180 mm/s
Paper Feed: Friction feed method
RollHead: Line thermal head
Presenter: With recovery function

Paper Roll

Type: Thermal Paper
Paper width: 80mm +/- 0.5mm
Paper thickness: 65 μm to 75 μm119 micron
Roll outer diameter: 150mm