CPC202 and CPC204 Shared Occupancy Controllers

CPC202 and CPC204 Shared Occupancy Controllers

'Compact, Standalone and Intelligent'

Control access for groups of users sharing the same parking facility

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Product Features & Benefits

A single CPC204 Shared Occupancy Controller can provide full access control to a parking facility that is shared by up to four independent user groups. As well as validating user credentials, it will monitor usage and prevent each user group from exceeding its allocated number of parking spaces.

The CRC202 Shared Occupancy Controller can be used to control access to a parking facility by a single group of users, preventing over occupancy of the facility. It can also be used to manage the sharing of a facility by two user groups.

Both Shared Occupancy Controllers provide a comprehensive range of Access Control functions such as restricting parking to certain times of the day, preventing the abuse of pass cards (pass back), and supporting visitor management using group specific PIN codes.


  • Supports independent readers and gate controls for entry and exit gates/barriers
  • Supports most types of card reader/vehicle ID reader
  • Capacity for up to 4 count groups (CPC204) or 2 count groups (CPC202) with up to 9999 users per group
  • Capacity for up to 65,000 cards/tokens
  • Provides a choice of counting methods
  • Controls up to four message signs
  • Controls up to four Space/Full signs or traffic signals
  • Comprehensive range of Access Control features
  • Compact design and easy installation


  • Optimises parking capacity, maximising return on investment
  • Helps to prevent parking in unauthorised areas thereby improving safety and reducing the cost of vigilance
  • Avoids disputes and minimises disruption
  • Saves fuel and reduces pollution by preventing drivers from entering the car park to search for spaces that don’t exist
  • Clear indications of which groups have space available avoid queuing and reduce the effect on surrounding roads
  • Easy to fit in almost any barrier/gate system, reducing installation costs and minimising disruption
  • Enables each tenant company to manage their own parking allocation to improve their staff/shift management options



Supply Voltage: 12 - 24V DC
Current: 100 mA quiescent, 230 mA while reading (both readers)
Reader Supply: 5V DC (100mA max.) or supply voltage
Physical User Interface: 2 lines x 16 character LCD plus 12 button keypad
Dimensions (mm): 190 x 130 x 43 (H x W x D)
Cable Termination: Plug-in screw terminal blocks


Operating Temp.: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temp.: -20°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Card Capacity: Sequential Mode: 65,000
Random Mode: 8,000
Visitor PINs: 8 PINs with individual access rights and groups assignment
Count Groups: CPC204 - 4 groups
CPC202 - 2 groups
Counting Capacity: 9999 users per group


Readers: 2 x 5-wire reader interfaces for Clock & Data (ABA Track 2) & Wiegand formats
Arming: 2 independent, ground activated inputs - open-circuit arming
Count Inputs: 2 ground activated inputs
Count Reset: Ground activated input


Latch Relays: 2 independent relays with C/O contacts rated at 2A at 30VDC
Auxiliary Output: 1 independent open-collector output for card capture control
FULL signals: 4 independent open-collector outputs used to control Space/ Full signs or traffic signals
VMS Control I/F: RS485 (up to 4 count values)