NanoQuest integrates with third-party systems

September 06, 2016

RS232 NanoQuest standalone access controllerNortech’s NanoQuest compact standalone proximity card reader and access controller now includes an RS232 data output to enable third party equipment to monitor the use of cards and fobs presented to the reader.

The NanoQuest is able to manage up to 500 users and autonomously control access to secure areas or restrict the use of equipment or machinery to approved operators.

The addition of the RS232 output now enables third-party systems to monitor which users are accessing the secure area or equipment. For example, where the NanoQuest is being used to restrict the use of a hazardous machine to only fully trained, authorised operators, a third party monitoring system can receive information about which operators are operating the machine and for how long they are using it. This information may be vital for health and safety reasons as well as for accountability in the event of an incident.

The RS232 feature can be used with third party systems for many other monitoring purposes such as capacity monitoring, where it is necessary to monitor the number of users entering or leaving a restricted area, for fee calculation and/or usage monitoring in commercial applications, and for providing additional security.

The NanoQuest can be used as a completely autonomous standalone access control system or it can be used alongside third party control or monitoring systems using the data RS232 output.

The NanoQuest is quick and easy to install with simple ‘Master Card’ programming of a wide range of features. As well as access control, the NanoQuest offers a secure method of controlling devices such as intruder alarm panels, lighting and heating, and has both a free exit input for use with magnetic locking systems and a door monitor.