October 16, 2018

People and vehicle access control specialist Nortech is now offering smart people identification using mobile access technology.


Nortech access control smart phone reader


The Nedap MACE platform allows any access control system to use smartphones as access credentials. The platform consists of a cloud-based service, readers and the MACE app.

The MACE app can receive and store multiple virtual identity credentials. The credentials can be presented to MACE readers using NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy or QR codes. The process of issuing these credentials is quick and easy, as no physical credentials need to be distributed. The virtual credentials are securely transferred to the MACE app via the cloud-based MACE server. Virtual access credentials can be allocated to users in one of many formats including Wiegand 26 format.



Mace MM Reader range 


A number of Nedap’s MACE products are now being supplied by Nortech. These include the MACE Reader MM, MACE Reader MM QR and the MACE Smart Slim Mobile Access Reader MM.


 Nedap Mace Reader MM from Nortech


Nedap’s MACE Reader MM is a multi-technology reader designed to be used with the MACE app and MACE virtual credentials. It supports Bluetooth, NFC, smart cards and proximity cards. The reader is small enough to be mullion mounted and is configurable using a free downloadable tool that connects to the USB port. Settings such as read range and output format can be set.


MACE MM QR smart phone reader



The MACE Reader MM QR provides all the features of the MACE Reader MM. In addition to these features, it includes a QR reader to read QR codes displayed on smartphones.


Nedap Mace Smart supplied by Nortech


The MACE Smart is a compact smartphone access control reader. It supports Bluetooth, NFC and smart cards. This elegant reader enables the use of smartphones in any access control system, while continuing to support existing credentials that contain smart card technology. The reader is configurable using a free downloadable tool that connects to the USB to RS485 port. Settings such as read range and output format can be set. Characterised by its slim design, this mobile access control reader is the perfect solution for doors that require a combination of security and convenience.

Like all Nedap systems, the MACE Reader MM, MACE Reader MM QR and MACE Smart support a number of well-established industry-standard protocols, such as Wiegand, clock and data and serial connections like RS485. This enables seamless integration into any existing or new building access control system.

MACE products also feature Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), an industry standard for secure communication of RFID readers. A specialised firmware version is available to upgrade the MACE MM (QR) reader and MACE Smart reader with OSDP.

MACE is designed to work in any access control applications where smartphones are to be used immediately or in the future. This applies to building access control applications, parking management systems and even event ticketing systems.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind.