DeltaQuest Enhancing Access Control at Newport Live Leisure Sites



Newport Live is a charitable trust which provides sporting, leisure, theatre and cultural activities in Newport to support the health and wellbeing of people in the city and beyond, and inspire them to become happier and healthier.



The existing access control technology used at the Newport Live facility used magstripe cards, which had become obsolete and unreliable. The IT and Digital team at Newport Live recognised the need for a newer, more advanced access control solution that would provide better security and future-proof their current and new facility.

In addition to the unreliability of the magstripe cards, there were other challenges to consider. The facility had many daily visitors, including members and non-members, which meant that the access control system had to be designed to handle high traffic volumes. The system also had to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, as visitors of all ages and abilities used the facility.



Newport Live worked closely with Nortech, a leading manufacturer of security solutions for the leisure industry. Nortech conducted a thorough assessment of the facility's requirements and recommended the installation of NVITE multi-technology RFID reader, which is designed to deliver fast and reliable access control in high-traffic environments. The NVITE reader was paired with the latest DeltaQuest access controller, which is a versatile and scalable solution that allows for easy integration with existing systems.

To ensure a high-quality installation, Nortech recommended Omega Security Systems, an experienced and trusted installer of access control hardware.


  • OEM hardware platform easily Integrates into third-party leisure and membership management systems
  • Instantly provides membership ID to the management system allowing fast access for members
  • Attractive reader supports several “tap and go” technologies as well as QR code reading for future service enhancement
  • Scalable system supports future addition of access control points


"Customers love the new contactless access control system at the facility since it was installed. They find it convenient to use the "tap and go" feature for quick access. Furthermore, multi-technology RFID reader future-proofed us for when we upgrade to QR-based credentials."

Jonathan Pollard - Head of IT and Digital
Newport Live


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