Hotel Upgrades to Feemaster Smart Parking Management System



APT Security Systems is the leading provider of vehicle access control and traffic management systems in the UK. They had successfully installed Nortech's FeeMaster parking management system in a major 4 star city centre hotel with over 200 rooms, a large indoor heated pool, fitness centre and spa. The FeeMaster parking management system has allowed the hotel to generate revenue and prevent non-residents from using the car parks.


To upgrade the existing FeeMaster parking management system to a FeeMaster Smart system without causing disruption to staff and customers.

The current system, installed in 2008, has proved extremely successful but, due to the magnetic stripe card technology, the system is starting to become unreliable. Therefore, the hotel management decided to upgrade the system to FeeMaster Smart, which is designed to work with the latest RFID smart card technology. 


The original installation company APT Security Systems was employed to remove both exit stations and replace them with FeeMaster Smart units. APT also removed the attendants console in the reception and replaced it with the FeeMaster Smart console. Nortech engineers were present to assist with commissioning and customer training. 


  • Contactless smart cards makes life easier for both attendants and customers. Programming and checking cards is fast and simple.
  • Presenting smart cards at the entry and exit station is much simpler as orientation of the card and card swiping are a thing of the past.
  • Cards and encoders are robust and maintenance free.
  • FeeMaster Smart cards can be used with compatible door locking systems.


"I'm delighted with the successful installation of Nortech’s latest FeeMaster product to our hotel client base, as our customers find that the new Smart Card technology is much easier to use".


Glyn Clarke  Project Consultant - APT Security Systems


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